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Senior Pastoring Position (PT) - Bulimba Bible Study Cooperation QLD

Senior Pastoring Position (PT) - Bulimba Bible Study Cooperation QLD

by Morling Reception -
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An exciting opportunity exists at the Bulimba Bible Study Cooperation for a senior pastor to come on board and take charge. The Bulimba Bible Study Cooperation (BBSC) was established in 2020 by four dedicated Christians who were wanting a conservative, biblical and evangelical church in their area to worship at and belong to. The senior pastor will have formal training of some sort, either from a bible institute, college or university and will have the skills and desire to witness, evangelise and grow the church with new converts.

BBSC offers a unique opportunity for a senior pastor to come in at the ground level of a new, young, and vibrant church where he will see the church grow into maturity. Added to this, BBSC offers the following benefits:

- Four dedicated church members who will attend services and help establish the church alongside the senior pastor.
- A weekly rented meeting room with all facilities supplied and pay for.
- Weekly volunteering of setup and teardown for the meeting room as required.- A list of community contacts and connections as a starting point for Evangelical outreach.
- A church that is registered as an unincorporated association with ACNC.
- Official banking accounts.
- A paid for and operational website and email address.
- 20,000 leaflet and flyer distributions twice a year for church advertising and gospel outreach.

The senior pastor will have to be self-sufficient initially to take on this position with the view that the church will financially supporting him when it has grown large enough to do so.

How to Apply

Candidates are encouraged to visit the church website to familiarise themselves with the church and its doctrinal position. Please also email a copy of your CV alongside any educational certificates or qualifications to