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VERY IMPORTANT: How to read your marked assignment

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VERY IMPORTANT: How to read your marked assignment
by Tim MacBride - Sunday, 5 April 2015, 2:51 PM

Instructions on how to access your marks and feedback for assignments marked via Turnitin:

  1. Go in to where you submitted the assignment and click on the My Submissions tab (you will see your overall mark there).
  2. Click on your submission, which will open in a new window. Click the "GradeMark" button at the top left or you will not see any marking.

From this point you can view feedback online OR save as a PDF/print. To view online:

  1. Lecturer comments will appear as little blue speech bubbles on your assignment, which you can click to read.
  2. Down the right hand panel, there will be other types of comments. There are three buttons at the bottom allowing you to switch between (a) overall comments including any voice comments, (b) a summary of all the comments in speech bubbles, and most importantly (c) the rubric - that's the button with the eight stacked boxes.
  3. The rubric is the heart of the feedback. You can read the summary of the rubric. But to get the full idea, scroll to the bottom and click "view the full sized rubric in a new window". The full rubric will be displayed, with your feedback being the one highlighted in blue. This helps you see where you're tracking in each aspect of the assignment.
  4. Your mark, as a percentage, is at the top.

OR to save as a PDF for viewing and/or printing:

  1. Down the bottom left there will be a printer icon. Click it and select "download PDF of current view for printing"
  2. Save or open the PDF when prompted. 
  3. The PDF will contain your assignment, followed by a list of numbered comments. These correspond to the blue numbered speech bubbles in your assignment (they function like endnotes).
  4. At the end, the PDF will display the grading rubric, with your feedback being the one in bold type.