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How to understand my Originality report?

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How to understand my Originality report?
by Tim MacBride - Friday, 12 June 2015, 2:55 PM

When you submit via Turnitin, you will get an Originality reportt. This is for your own guidance and that of the lecturer. This should not be stressful (unless you're trying to get away with plagiarism!). It simply highlights parts of your assignment that have similarities with other sources (books, websites, other students' papers).

  • Every assignment will have some accidental similarity, so don't panic.
  • Every time you quote an author (or the Bible) that will show up. As long as you've referenced it properly, in quotation marks this isn't a problem. If there is too much direct quotation (more than 15%) that is a cause for concern.
  • Cover sheets will show up as plagiarised, so you can ignore that! If your assignment is very short, the cover sheet may result in a very high overall similarity score. Again, don't panic.
  • If you place direct quotes in double quotation marks, i.e. ".... " then they can be filtered out of the Originality Report by the lecturer.
  • In general, your lecturer is less concerned with the overall percentage, and more interested in how much each individual source shows up unacknowledged in your essay. Their report is more detailed than yours, and so they can spot unintentional similarity vs actual plagiarism quite easily. 

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