Dean of Students

Peter Friend – Dean of Students

As Morling's Dean of Students, I am here to help you along your journey at Morling College. You are welcome to contact me to discuss issues that might be having an impact on your studies, and you can ask me for prayer and help. If there are things I cannot help you with, I can refer you to others within the Morling community (or beyond) who may be able to assist you.

At Morling, we know that life can sometimes be very challenging. In the present Covid-19 situation, life has become even more challenging for many students (and this is likely to continue for months). We want to share with you in the good times. And we want to do what we can to support you as students through times of difficulty, crisis, sickness, trouble and challenge.

Feel free to contact me by email at

Or you can phone me during office hours by calling the main Morling office on 9878 0201, and they can put you through to me (even if I'm working remotely in the present Covid-19 lockdown).

I am generally available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. 


  • The Ezra Centre: A professional counselling practice located right here at Morling
  • Our interns are fully supervised and have the experience to provide counselling sessions at a reduced rate of $15 per session. 
  • If you'd like to make an appointment, contact the Ezra Centre on 02 8197 1746, or email 


Is the Dean of Students available for all Morling students?

Yes. The Dean of Students is available for all Morling students, including Bible and Theology, Counselling, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care, and Education. And whether you are studying on campus or online, you are always welcome to contact the Dean of Students to discuss issues affecting you as a student.

Can I meet with the Dean of Students to talk in person?

Yes – unless Covid-lockdown provisions prevent it! But in normal circumstances, the Dean of Students is regularly available for one-on-one meetings. Just make an appointment via email or phone, or drop by Peter’s office on campus (Ministry and Learning Centre, level 3). Like other staff, the Dean of Students has an “open door” policy – so if Peter is in the office and the door is open, you are welcome to stop by and chat.

Do I contact the Dean of Students to ask for extensions for assessments?

No, not directly. Extensions should always be applied for through the appropriate Moodle forms, although the Dean of Students can often offer guidance on what to include when you apply for an extension or DE (Deferred Assessment). It may well be worth talking to the Dean of Students about your situation and whether your circumstances are likely to be good grounds for an extension or DE.

Who else is in the Student Services team at Morling?

In one sense, all Morling lecturers are concerned with student services, and you are welcome to contact your own unit lecturers or course administrators/Deans to talk about issues that affect your study. However, those who work more directly as part of Morling’s Student Services team include Andre Kurniawan (Director of Student Services), Peter Friend (Dean of Students), Gayle Kent (Chief Community Life Officer), Anne Gilbert (Student Services Officer – NSW), Amanda Tan (Student Services Liaison – WA), Wendy Noble (Academic Tutor) and, for Sydney campus residential students, Fiona Reid (Dean of Residential Students) and her team.

What if I’m looking for professional counselling, or other professional services (e.g. legal advice)?

The Dean of Students and others in the Student Services team can refer students to professional counselling services, and other professional services (e.g. legal advice). For counselling, Morling has a particular relationship with the Ezra Clinic (situated at Morling).


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