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For help with learning how to use Moodle and access your course materials etc, please see our Moodle How-To videos, as all of our most common questions are answered there. 

If your question is about subject content or assignments, please contact your lecturer directly. 

Below are some answers to common technical questions about Moodle. If you've checked the videos and the FAQ's below, and your question still isn't answered, you can: 

Frequently Asked Questions

What computers will Moodle work on?

Moodle has been designed to work on Windows and Mac computers, and has been tested using all major web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. For best results, we suggest Chrome or Firefox.

Will Moodle work on tablets? (iPads, Android tablets, etc.)

Moodle should work on both Apple and Android tablets and mobile devices. Some formatting may be lost (depending on the system being used), but everything should be readable and functional. With Android devices we have found that the default browser gives a better rendering of the text than Firefox. 

One known issue does exist with iPads: flash content cannot be played, and embedded PDFs may not scroll. This is due to a dispute between Apple and Adobe, and is unfortunately beyond our control. For this reason we have minimised the use of Flash content in our courses.

What about my smartphone?

In theory, what we said about tablets above should also be true for Android phones and iPhones. However, the screens are very small - do you really want to do an entire tertiary subject on a 4 inch screen? 

What other software will I need?

In addition to a standard web browser, you will also need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, and to have the latest Adobe shockwave flash plugins installed in your browser. Both of these are free. Most up-to-date browsers will deal with this automatically, or prompt you to do this and give you instructions.

The PDF won't scroll (iPad, iPhone)

PDFs that are embedded won't scroll on iOS products. For this reason we have moved away from embedding PDFs into course materials, however there may still some rogue ones hiding around. If so:

  1. go back to the page with the link to the PDF, press and hold the link, and select "open in new window" and
  2. contact your lecturer or Morling Online and ask them to set the PDF to "Open" rather than "Automatic". 
The video files are asking for a password

All of our videos are now hosted with  A password is used to prevent people from stumbling across them on the Vimeo site, but the passwords are usually obvious. The password should be written above or below the embedded video on the course page, but if you can't find it, try "morling" which is the default.

The flash presentations won't play. What's going on?

Are you getting a message saying that you don't have the flash plugin installed? If so, follow the instructions to install, then reopen your browser and it should work.

Are you just getting a black box appearing on the screen? Be patient. Some browsers (e.g. Safari on Mac) want to wait for the whole presentation to download before playing. A few of the presentations are quite large, so go grab a cup of coffee and come back. If it's still just a black box (with no Play button to press in the middle of it) after 5 minutes, contact us. Or you can try installing a different browser. Did we mention we like Chrome?

If in-browser playback refuses to work (particularly on some older computers), use the following workaround to download the file and play back on your computer:

Mac Users: Click on the link, then immediately HOLD DOWN both the cmd key and the full stop key. This will bring up a link to the presentation, instead of embedding it in the browser. Click the link and it should play, or you can download the file to your computer and playback from there. 

Windows users: In IE and Firefox, click on the link then press the ESC key a couple of times, before the flash plugin gets a chance to load. Then click on the link to play, or right click to save it to your computer. This doesn't work in Chrome, but Chrome's flash plugins seem to be streaming in-browser quite reliably.

Are you trying this on an iProduct? iOS doesn't play flash presentations. See above under "tablets". 

Can I print out my notes?

We are currently in the process of converting all course materials to PDF format to allow for easy saving and printing. If your course notes are not yet in PDF format, there are two ways to print:

  1. select the notes, copy (control+c), then paste (control+v) into a Word document for printing OR
  2. print directly from your browser (formatting won't be pretty, but it's functional).
I seem to be missing some content

If you find that some pages aren't loading or it seems that certain information is missing, please let us know at


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