On-Campus Tutor (Academic Writing Support)

The On-Campus Tutor is available to provide basic academic writing support for Morling College students who study on campus. 

They are available to help students:

  • clarify their research approach for an essay,
  • learn how to use library resources (eg EBSCOhost and other databases)
  • learn how to shape their research and notes into an essay plan
  • learn to use writing tools like EndNote
  • by reading through drafts of assessment tasks and highlighting areas for improvement
  • with academic writing requirements and conventions
  • interpret feedback given by their lecturer in order to improve their next assessment task

They are NOT expected to:

  • rewrite or change any part of a student's essay or assessment task
  • make large amounts of proof-reading corrections (spelling, grammar or other basic writing skills)
  • provide general course support related to the content of unit lessons
  • clarify what a lecturer is asking for in an assessment task question

Guidelines for Academic Support

We encourage students to seek support as they study. It is important, however, that all students maintain academic integrity in how they prepare and complete assignments. These Guidelines for Editing Assignments highlight appropriate levels of support that a student can ask from different people.

Requesting Assistance... 

To ensure timely assistance, students should identify the specific type of support they need (refer to the list below). In many cases, this may not be the On Campus Tutor.

Who should I contact for support?
  • I don't understand what the assessment task question is asking --> contact your lecturer
  • I don't know where to find resources for my assessment tasks --> contact your lecturer or library staff
  • I don't understand what my lesson notes or readings are about --> contact your lecturer
  • I can't find what I need in Moodle --> contact your lecturer or Morling Online
  • I am having trouble putting my notes into an essay --> work through a Study Skills Tutorial or contact the On Campus Tutor
  • I'm not sure how to do referencing --> consult the Libguide or contact the On Campus Tutor
  • I'd like someone to look over a draft of my essay and give me some feedback --> contact your lecturer
  • I'm not sure how to write an essay / book review / reflection etc --> consult the General Requirements for Assignments document or contact the On Campus Tutor
  • I'm not sure how to implement the feedback my lecturer has given me to improve my next assignment --> contact your lecturer or the On Campus Tutor** see note below

(**if you have already approached your lecturer for advice on the same assignment or question, please make the On Campus Tutor aware of this, to avoid any potential confusion).

How to contact the On-Campus Tutor

If assistance is required from the On Campus Tutor, the student should then make an initial request for help (minimum of 1 week prior to the due date of the assessment task) via email, including:

  • your full name and phone number
  • the type of assistance required eg Study Skills, EndNote, searching for resources, essay assistance, EBSCOhost assistance

If you require help with a specific assignment, you also need to include:

  • full name and number of the unit
  • the assignment question in FULL
  • due date of the assignment
  • whether you have already approached your lecturer or not

Sue Steele-Smith is usually available in the Library on Wednesdays. 

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