Study Mentors

Study Mentors

Study Mentors provide academic encouragement and support for students. Their role involves helping students track their academic progress each Semester and throughout their Award. It is expected that Study Mentor would meet regularly with students.

Their role may include:

  • encouraging students academically;
  • helping students with academic writing skills (including proofreading) and exam preparation;
  • keeping students accountable re due dates and Unit completion;
  • helping students set and assess study goals;
  • helping students maintain priorities and study/personal/ministry/work balance;
  • providing guidance re Unit selection and Award regulations (with advice from Course Advisers if necessary);
  • communicating to the College re issues that could impact or are impacting a student's study;
  • praying with and for students regarding their study;
  • being an Online Unit exam supervisor.

Choosing a Study Mentor

  • Degree and Graduate students may find it advantageous to have a Study Mentor with tertiary education who understands the demands of tertiary study.
  • A Study Mentor is not expected to provide intensive academic support.
  • A Study Mentor is not expected to provide specific spiritual or ministry formation guidance although may if they are also a Ministry Mentor.

Study Mentors are:

Required for:

  • students in their 1st and 2nd semester of study;
  • Diploma (Pathway 1) level students;
  • students on the Progression and Intervention List;
  • International students.

Highly Recommended for

  • students starting online study (no matter when in their Award progression) ;
  • students starting full time study (no matter when in their Award progression);
  • students unfamiliar with Tertiary Study;
  • students who have experienced difficulty in their studies;
  • Diploma Pathway 2 students;
  • NESB students.

Recommended for

  • all students

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