Pastoral Support and Student Services

Pastoral Support and Student Services 

 As a community, Morling places a high priority on providing pastoral and academic support for students. Praying for one another and showing God's love to one another are essential aspects of College life. Students are encouraged to share their needs with one another and offer support to each other. While some might consider seeking support as a sign of weakness, we believe that it is a valued aspect of personal and spiritual formation. At times students will need specific pastoral or academic support, especially if they are also struggling with other life circumstances. No issue is too small to share - especially if it is impacting your life or study! You can find College contacts and other support resources on our website.

In addition, you can access Morling's Sexual Assault and Harassment (SASH) Prevention Policy and Sexual Assault and Harassment Prevention Procedure on the policy page of the Morling website.

Morling's SASH contact officers are Gayle Kent (Chief Community Life Officer - based on the Sydney campus), and Andre Kurniawan (Director of Student Services - based on the Perth-Vose campus),

For our Bible and Theology Students, the ACT also has support services and you can access their ACT Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment Policy and ACT Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Procedure on the ACT website.

The ACT’s SASH Contact Officer is their Moderation and Inclusion Manager. The SASH Contact Officer receives disclosures and reports and you can contact them on (02) 8937 5301.

Grievances and Complaints

Morling College is committed to developing and maintaining an effective, timely and equitable grievance handling system which is easily accessible and offered at no cost to the student or resident. All current and prospective students, domestic and overseas, and residents are entitled to:
• raise a concern or grievance, academic matters, non-academic matters and/or residential matters; and/or
• have a decision reviewed.

Please use THIS FORM to lodge an official complaint or grievance. This form will be held confidential and be used to follow procedures according to the relevant policy.

  • For academic grievances - this form will go directly to the Vice-Princpal (Academic) [previous role title CAO]
  • For non-academic grievances - this form will go directly to the Vice-Principal (Students and Community)  [previous role title CCLO]

 Before submitting this form, please ensure that you have read the applicable Grievance Policy and Prodecure documents according to your faculty or residential status:

  • ACT/Bible and Theology students: Please refer to the ACT Grievance Resolution Policy which can be found here
  • Counselling, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care, Professional Supervision, Education and Morling Residents: Please refer to the Morling Grievance Policy and Procedure documents which can be found here: 

 Please note that Grievances related to Inappropriate or Unwanted Behaviour related to bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and/or sexual assault students or residents should be processed in accordance with either:

  • the ACT's Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy and Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Procedure or
  • Morling College's Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response Policy and Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response Procedure.
  • An online form for formal reports of Inappropriate or Unwanted Behaviour can be found here.

Prayer Needs

Use the form below so that we can pray for you.

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