Apply for an Extension (CCSC)

To request an extension for an assignment, please fill in this form - supporting documentation (if required) MUST be attached for your request to be processed. This application MUST be submitted BEFORE the original due date.

If you are requesting extensions for more than one Unit, please fill in a separate form for each Unit.

Extensions will only be granted for unforeseen or unexpected circumstances that will have a temporary impact (i.e. you will still be able to complete the assessment task).

An extension will not usually be granted for work or church commitments, or for several assessments being due at once (most students experience these conditions). 

Unless an extension is granted, normal late penalties will apply.

An extension of time is not automatically granted and, if approved, will not normally exceed three weeks.

Extended due dates cannot be further extended.

If an extended due date would fall after the Friday of the on-campus exam week each Semester, you should apply instead for a Deferred Assessment.

Please complete a DE application if you are applying for more than 1 week's extension for any assignment that is due in Week 13 or Study Week

Your application should be responded to within two business days (excluding weekends). If you have not received a reply within 4 business days please email

If your browser is not displaying the form correctly, this is a direct link to the form.

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