Moodle Orientation (Moodle / Courses / Resources & Support)

Welcome and orientation to study at Morling

New to studying at Morling, or not studied for a while? Watch our Moodle Orientation videos, to get yourself up to speed with everything that's available for students, how we can support you, what is available via Morling Online (Moodle) and how to find and access everything you need for your studies. 

If you are a new to Morling you will also be enrolled in our STUDENT ORIENTATION MODULE UNIT.
This will be visible on your dashboard in your list of enrolled units. 

On this page you will find the following videos:

How to use Moodle

Course Content, Assessments & Extensions

Online Library Resources

Morling Online (Moodle) Orientation

New Student Moodle (Morling Online) Orientation - Kristen Cairns Director of Morling Online 

Watch the full session (above - 90 mins), or choose specific segments below:






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