Apply for Special Conditions for Assessments / Exams

In accordance with our Students with Disabilities policy, Morling College is committed to making reasonable modifications to academic programs to accommodate students with disabilities. However, in so doing it will not compromise the academic standard or any essential component of a program.

Where, because of disability, a student requires special provisions for learning and/or assessment (including examinations), this application form should be directed to the Registrar. Information must be provided by an appropriate medical practitioner or health care provider and must be recorded in Section II of this form, with attached documentation if required. 

Where the disability is permanent, a student’s application for Assessment Special Conditions will be effective for the duration of their study. Where the disability is temporary or can change, a student should apply every 2 years; providing updated medical documentation. Approval will be at the Director of Student Services.

Student Responsibilities 

It is the student’s responsibility to:

  • Submit this application with their Enrolment Form (either in their 1st semester of study or in subsequent semesters)
  • Each Semester, notify the Student Services Team on the Exam Notification form and coordinate any special considerations that might be necessary.
  • Notify the College immediately if there are changes to their Disability or Medical Condition
How To Apply

To apply for special conditions for an assessment or exam, you will need to:

  • Download and print the Medical Practitioner/Health Care Provider form, and have your medical practitioner complete and sign it (all sections must be completed)
  • Complete the online Application for Special Conditions form below (including uploading a clear scanned copy of the Medical Practitioner form) and submit this within 2 days of enrolling for that semester.

Last modified: Thursday, 14 September 2023, 12:18 PM