Moodle Support

For help with learning how to use Moodle and access your course materials etc, please see our Moodle How-To videos, as all of our most common questions are answered there. 

If your question is about subject content or assignments, please contact your lecturer directly. 

Below are some answers to common technical questions about Moodle. If you've checked the videos and the FAQ's below, and your question still isn't answered, you can: 

Frequently Asked Questions

What computers will Moodle work on?

Moodle will run on both Windows and Mac computers, and has been tested using all major web browsers.
For best results, we suggest Chrome or Firefox.

Will Moodle work on tablets? (iPads, Android tablets, etc.)

Moodle aps are available for both Apple and Android tablets and mobile devices, but we recommend students use the Morling Online ap (rather than the generic Moodle ap) for best results. 

What about my smartphone?

Yep - the Morling Online ap will work on all mobile devices... however, the screens are very small, so not recommended for all learning tasks ;) 

What other software will I need?

In addition to a standard web browser, you will also need a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

When will I receive my Moodle log-in details?

New Morling students will receive their log-in details via email (from These will be automatically generated when your first enrolment form has been processed (not when you are accepted as a student). 

You will be asked to choose a new password when you first log in. 

For students who take a break in study, or return to Morling to complete another degree years later, your log-in details will remain the same. Please contact if you cannot remember your log-in details. 

I have forgotten my Moodle password...

If you have forgotten your password, just use the forgotten password  function to receive a link via email, to reset your password. (Please note that this email will be sent to the email address currently listed for you in Moodle).

How do I update my name or email address in Moodle?

Your details in Moodle (name/s, email address, student number) are linked to our Student Admin System. If you need to update any of these details, that can be done on each semester's enrolment form. When your enrolment form is processed, your details in Moodle will also be updated. 

The lesson notes PDF won't scroll (iPad, iPhone)

PDFs that are embedded won't always scroll on iOS products. For this reason we have moved away from embedding PDFs into course materials, however there may still some rogue ones hiding around. If so:

  1. go back to the page with the link to the PDF, press and hold the link, and select "open in new window" and
  2. contact your lecturer or Morling Online and ask them to set the PDF to "Open" rather than "Automatic". 
Can I print out my notes?

Most course materials are provided in PDF format, to allow for easy saving and printing. If something is not provided in PDF format, there are three ways to print:

  1. select the notes, copy (control+c), then paste (control+v) into a Word document for printing OR
  2. print directly from your browser (formatting won't be pretty, but it's functional) OR
  3. use a plug-in like Print Friendly (you will need to install the extension / plug-in for your browser to save Moodle pages, as the copy-paste url function will be security blocked) 
I seem to be missing some learning content

If you find that some pages aren't loading or it seems that certain information is missing, please contact your lecturer or let us know at


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