Prayer Triplets

Prayer Triplets – an introduction

Information taken and adapted from: Youth for Christ International

Being involved in a prayer triplet is compulsory for Full-Time on campus students but all students are very welcome to be a part of this important community time.

What is a prayer triplet?

A Prayer Triplet is a group of three Christians, committed to praying together regularly. 

A “team of three” is suggested because it is non-threatening. People are not so nervous about saying the wrong thing in a small group of friends who are learning to trust God and each other together. Three is a good number because it is small enough to be an efficient team and big enough to be an effective team.

The members of each Prayer Triplet are asked to make a specific agreement with each other. They hold each other to the promises made. They agree to meet for prayer. Their times together should be mostly devoted to prayer. Teams should be alert to the tendency to become distracted. Prayer Triplet times are not designed for stories, sharing or refreshments. The main purpose is to pray. 

Who will you pray with?

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Praying together regularly

At Morling, we want Prayer Triplets to meet at least once a week. Of course, Triplets might want to meet additional times or change times to suit their study program. You could also agree to pray together over Skype or FaceTime.

Regular and frequent meetings help the team members grow and mature in their praying. The quantity and quality of those times together build trust.  

For whom and what to pray

  • Salvation of others:  person in your triplet should bring to the group the names of THREE people in their life (colleagues/friends/family members) who do not follow Jesus. This means that the team will be praying, by name, for nine people. These prayers will focus on asking God what He wants to do in the lives of those on their list. It will mean expressing the desire to see God work in bringing them to the point of receiving Christ. It also means that you will be praying that God gives you opportunities to share your faith with them.
  •  Spiritual renewal for yourselves and your churches: The goal is to pray that each member of your Prayer Triplet will know Jesus better and become more like Him. Members will pray for needs that they are experiencing. The group should pray for the churches where they attend. They can pray for each church to grow in worship, prayer, evangelism, and service. They can also pray for the renewal of the whole church in their city and nation.
  •  Worldwide work of God: The Prayer Triplet members will pray for the worldwide work of God. Your group might choose particular countries to pray for, or pray for the current events impacting people around the world. Each Prayer Triplet will be asking God specifically to raise up believers to pray in those areas of the world.

How to use your prayer triplet time

It is important that your group is disciplined as they pray together. A simple pattern for your prayer triplet time may be:

10 minutes gather together, catch up

15 minutes – pray for the 9 people on your list

  • That each will become more open to God;
  • That each will become a follower of Jesus;
  • That God would use you to reach them.

10 minutes - Prayer for one another

  • That each person will become more like Jesus;
  • That each person will see personal needs met;
  • That your churches will grow.

10 Minutes – Pray for the world

  • That the Gospel of Jesus will spread in those nations;
  • That specific needs of those in these areas might be met;
  • That peace and justice might rule there;
  • That faith filled communities and churches will further His Kingdom.
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