Apply for a Deferred Assessment (DE) (CCSC)

Fill in the form below to apply for a deferred assessment (DE) for subjects in Counselling, Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care courses.

Applications for a DE must be made as early as possible, before:

  • the assessment’s due date (or extended date), or
  • the examination date, or
  • the Friday of the final week of lectures/teaching where the assessment due date or examination date occurs after lectures/teaching have finished.

Applications after these dates will be considered on a case-by-case basis and only for extreme circumstances.

Important Information

A DE will only be granted where it can be shown that the Special Circumstances that apply:

  • are beyond the student’s control; and
  • make it impracticable for the student to complete the assessment during the period in which they they undertook, or were to undertake, the Unit.

*Where a DE has been granted the assessment or exam must be completed as soon as possible, and no later than the start date of the following semester. 
A Fail (F) grade will be issued where an assessment is not submitted or exam not taken by the agreed upon date.

If your browser is not displaying the form correctly, this is a direct link to the form.

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