Private Academic Tutors

For students who wish to engage ongoing academic writing or English language support during your studies, Morling College can recommend experienced private tutors. Engaging a private tutor is a user-paid service.

First, please contact our Morling College Academic TutorWendy Noble, to discuss your academic writing or English language skills, and she will give you advice on existing Morling resources and training that is available. 

Then you will be able to decide whether you feel you will require additional support. If so you can then opt to contact one of our recommended private tutors. 

Please note that if you engage a private tutor, it will be at your own expense, and payment should be discussed before you start with the private tutor. The tutors listed below are Morling students and tutor on a part-time basis.

Erin Crause (WA) -

Bruce Hanke (NSW) -

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