Apply for a Tuition Fee Refund on Compassionate Grounds (CW) B&T

A Tuition Fee Refund application (TFR) - previously called a Compassionate Withdrawal (CW) - is a withdrawal after the Census Date, that is due to special circumstances that are unusual, uncommon or unexpected. Typically these circumstances are:

  • beyond your control;
  • do not make their full impact on you until on, or after, the census date; and
  • make it impracticable for you to complete the requirements for the unit.

Prior to Census Date, please complete an Enrolment Variation/Withdrawal form online.

Supporting documentation (such as medical certificates, letters of support from your pastor, counsellor, etc, which include the dates which the circumstances affected your ability to study) must be provided with all applications.

Students must download and complete the ACT Tuition Fee Refund Application form and upload it as part of the application form below(download the ACT Tuition Fee Refund Application Form here)

All applications for a Tuition Fee Refund must be approved by Morling's Director of Student Services (who serves as our Academic Registrar) and the ACT’s Registrar.

You can find further information about Tuition Fee Refunds (TFR) in the Student Handbook and on the ACT website. Also see the ACT’s FEE-HELP Re-crediting Policy for more information.

A grade of CW will be recorded on your transcript if approved.

If your browser is not displaying the form correctly, this is a direct link to the form.

Last modified: Tuesday, 10 May 2022, 1:24 PM