COVID-19: Positive case alerts on campus

Positive case alerts on Morling campuses are published below. Please check back regularly for updates. Locations will be removed after 14 days. 

Positive COVID-19 cases have visited the below locations on campus on the dates and times indicated while potentially infectious.

In most cases, we consider that attending on campus is a moderate risk and will contact you separately if we believe you would be at higher risk.  If you think you may have been exposed, we recommend that you have a rapid antigen test as soon as possible and follow the advice below.

If you were at any of these locations on date and time indicated, you should review the appropriate State Guidelines

If you are a Morling student and test positive to COVID-19 and you have been on either the Sydney or Perth-Vose campus in the 48 hours before your positive result, you must notify Morling by submitting a confidential Student Help Desk ticket

If you work on a campus or are a resident then please follow the protocols that have been shared with you. If you have any doubts you can email Gayle Kent, our Chief Community Life Officer ( 

COVID-19: Positive case alerts on campus
Date                   Campus              Location                   Approx time period           
May 4, 2022Perth-Vose campus Lecture rooms6.30-9.30pm
May 4, 2022  Sydney campus  MALC  9.30-2pm
 May 6, 2022  Perth-Vose campus  Staff offices  all day
 May 10,2022  Perth-Vose campus  Library  1-3pm

Last modified: Wednesday, 11 May 2022, 3:03 PM